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Filing a Complaint / Reporting a Spill

To File a Complaint:
(609) 984-6568

To Report a Pesticide Spill or Accidental Misapplication:
DEP'S 24-Hour Hotline

The Pesticide Control Program encourages citizen and industry awareness and cooperation with regard to pesticide incidents observed. Calling the Bureau of Pesticide Compliance with possible violations you have observed will help us determine if a violation has happened, help us take corrective or preventive measures, and ultimately help us in our efforts to protect health and the environment. In addition, any person required to be licensed as a pesticide applicator must immediately report spills that meet the "reportable pesticide spill" definition in NJAC 7:30, Subchapter 9.

Filing a Complaint/Reporting a Suspected Misuse: Your call may be placed anonymously to report the problem. It is often helpful, however, to have your name and phone number in case a question arises or more information is needed later on. The following is the information we need in the event you have an incident or concern to report. The more information you can supply, the better chance we have for conducting a successful investigation.

1. Name and address of alleged violator or responsible party, if known
2. Date of incident
3. Time of incident
4. Address or site of incident
5. Nature of the problem
6. Name of pesticides involved, if known
7. Application method: hand-held or backpack sprayer, high-pressure hose, boom sprayer, etc.
8. If any harm or injury, describe the injury or environmental effect

Reporting a Spill (Applicators Only): The information applicators need to supply the DEP when reporting a spill is found in the regulations at NJAC 7:30-9.17.

In the event of a Pesticide Poisoning, see our Resource List page for contacts and information.

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